Here a 5 tips we’ve put together some tips you can take action on today to reduce EMF exposure.

1.) If your electric company has installed a “smart meter” on your home, simply request they replace it with a good old fashioned conventional meter. It’s worth doing this even if you must pay a small monthly premium. Check out this short video to see why: Blood Cells Before and After 2 Minutes Near a Smart Meter.

2.)  Replace wireless devices with wired versions when possible. Wireless connections in your house can be replaced with a safer cable to your desktop computers.

  • Avoid “Smart Home” devices.
  • Use a wired Ethernet connection for internet (rather than Wi-Fi).
  • It is best to use a laptop that is on battery power (not charging/plugged-in).
  • Use a wired external keyboard and mouse to reduce the EMF exposure to your body.
  • Take frequent breaks and ground yourself in your garden / lawn as often as possible.
  • Utilize wireless iPads sparingly – never stream video or music using Wi-Fi.
  • Avoid BlueTooth headphones and earpieces.

3.)  Be smart about ‘smart phone’ safety:

  • Never put a cell phone to your head or sleep near a cell phone that’s not on Airplane mode.
  • Avoid BlueTooth headphones and earpieces.
  • Keep the phone on “Airplane” mode except when calling back voicemail.
  • Use speaker phone or an Air-Tube Headset for voice calls.
  • Do not carry a cell phone in your pocket or bra unless it is on “Airplane” mode.
  • Try to not let a child under the age of 12 use a cell phone. Yes, we know this is a tough one.
  • Do not use the phone while in a car if possible – radiation levels are increased.

4.)  Reduce EMF exposure while you sleep:

  • Unplug everything in your bedroom at night.
  • Keep cell phones, iPads and other electronics out of your bedroom. Use a simple battery-powered alarm clock.

5.)  WiFi Router.

  • Use a simple light timer to turn your Wifi router off each during times you’re sleeping and turn it on automatically during the times you need it.
  • Replace the router that the cable company provides if it is a “dirty router” with a low EMF router that you own.

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DECEMBER 2018 UPDATE: National Institutes of Health Report: Cell Phones Cause Cancer in Rats. “For anyone that says there is no evidence of negative health effects, such as cancer, from cell phones and other EMF producing devices, they’re either willfully ignorant (because it’s not hard to find) or purposefully misleading you (as many in the industry are).”  —Brandon Amalani


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