Our Most Important Black Friday Ever

Our Most Important Black Friday Ever

Wow. It’s Black Friday again. Normally, we at CTE (CoolestTechEver.com) and our sister page CME (CoolestMeditationEver.com) are laid back about the great products we’ve offered since 2015 from greats inventors like Patrick Flanagan, Jonathan Goldman and James Wanless. But what makes 2013 special is that this is CTE’s first Black Friday carrying the #1 EMF protection on earth, Blushield. it’s super cool scalar wave Tesla tech and we working our tails off the manifest a record number of sales not just to make a profit but to save health and lives.

Why is this important Black Friday ever? Because we at CoolestTechEver.com are literally in race to get as many people protected from the cancer causing effects of Wifi, smart meters, microwaves, cell towers, cell phones and, most scary of all, 5G that will be rolling out nationwide soon. And 5G is already live in LA, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington DC, Houston and Indianapolis.

5G stands for the 5th Generation of mobile phone technology and we side with PC Magazine story that calls the rollout of weaponized technology to the general public without health testing reckless at best. Wether you get a Blushield or not we encourage you to learn more about the real dangers of EMF radiation in the report from The World Health Organization.

We have ads running but your word of mouth, dear reader, is the most trusted source of advertising we have. Please, share this remarkable gift that shares a lineage with the work of Nikola Tesla and let your friends and family know you’ve found a gift idea that’s a true life saver EMF protection at CoolestTechEver.com.



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