Filmmaker and Coolest Tech Ever co-founder Ken Sheetz here. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since Dr. Flanagan introduced me to his world-famed invention of the Neurophone by gifting me one during the filming of THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS.

Pat explained to me that the Neurophone, which earned him a feature story in LIFE MAGAZINE at age 17, works on the principal of relaxing the blood vessels of the brain via a headset that broadcasts ultrasonic waves through the skull. The genius inventor went on to explain that the Neurophone’s ultrasonics increase the oxygen and nutrients reaching the brain, which in turn enhances meditation and boosts IQ in use.

Fabulous claims  I was skeptical about until I tried the NF3 version of device — which Patrick invented at the tender age of 13 in 1958 — for myself. After about two weeks of regular Neurophone use I felt a lift to my screenwriting and film editing abilities in particular, along with a better ability to visualize. It even helped lift my mood. I found the device so fascinating and beneficial that I went on to make a documentary about it.

Use this link for a free movie pass to THE NEUROPHONE EXPERIENCE on Vimeo. You’ll see incredible footage of people reacting to experiencing the Neurophone for the first time as well as the doctor himself explaining how it works. Note that you need to join or be a member the free site and be logged into your account. Fans of my films might notice that a small amount footage repeats from my production of THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS. This was necessary to tell the story of Dr. Flanagan’s incredible invention.

My wife Elizabeth uses our NF3 every day to increase her work efficiency. Pat explained to me the NF3 throws off a 15 foot radius field so we are both benefiting when she uses the NF3. The effect is stronger when you wear it yourself of course.

The payback for investing in a Neurophone to gain improvement to grades for student and efficiency for workers can be immeasurable. CTE has priced the rare Neurophone well under what the market would bear is proven out by Ebay sales that are double what we sell it for. We keep the NF3’s price as low to honor the late Dr. Flanagan’s desire to keep his Neurophone reasonably priced in relation to the amazing results it can grant users.

I loved the Neurophone so much that in 2015 I ran a crowd funder for Dr. Flanagan to update the Neurophone to create the NEO Neurophone. We raised over $1 million selling 5,000 NEOs. But when the manufacturers wanted to charge far too much for smaller orders the doctor discontinued the NEO. Sadly, the doctor fell ill and so NEO production remained suspended.

Since Patrick — who became a dear friend over the 6 years I filmed him and handled his social media — passed in 2019, the bad news is I have no updates on when or if NEO production might ever resume. Good news, production on a limited basis continues with the prior German made model, the NF3 Neurophone. This is the same Neurophone model sampled to amazing results in the film.

In fact, many people who own both models, like my wife and I, prefer the NF3 over NEO.  NF3s are produced in loving small batches and so stock is limited. But, worst case, if we sell out of our modest inventory you will only have a 4-6 week wait for an order

Heads up. German maker Hans Strobel maker is in his late 70s and we don’t know how much longer the prized NF3 he crafts by one by one will remain available. In any case, based on Pat’s amazing history, the dependable NF3 model will likely be a collector’s item.

Click this link to order your NF3 Neurophone today while you still can.
Yours for a Cool Neurophone Experience,
Ken Sheetz

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