Gaia Frequency BRAIN TUNERS


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Jonathan Goldman’s pioneering work in sound healing is unparalleled.

Rejuvenate with the energies of The Earth Mother
Experience the Gaia Frequency Brain Tuners!

Tune and balance left-right brain frequency to the natural harmonics of GAIA–Mother Earth–with these powerful tuning forks from sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman.




In stock (can be backordered)

Gaia Frequency Brain Tuners from Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds Created by Healing Sounds Pioneer Jonathan Goldman, the Gaia Frequency BRAIN TUNERS use the scientific principle of binaural beat frequencies to create entrainment with the 7.83 Hz. Schumann Resonance–the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth–what we call the “Gaia Matrix“.  Both visionary scientists and mystics believe that resonance with this extraordinary field enables attunement with the energy of our Mother Earth, expanding consciousness and bringing healing.

Now you may simply and easily bring this Gaia Frequency resonance into your own life! The Gaia Frequency BRAIN TUNERS are both peaceful & potent! Through using these tuning forks to tune the brain, it is possible to enhance connection with the planetary field, allowing you to enjoy what may well be one of the most powerful vibrations for healing and transformation!

Experience them now to:

  • Enhance Meditation & Deep Relaxation
  • Achieve Blissful Altered States
  • Experience Potent Binaural Brainwave Balancing Without The Need For Headphones
  • Align With A Powerful Frequency For Visionary Connection With The Higher Gaia Intelligence

Included with these tuning forks is a manual with information on the creation and use of the Brain Tuners as well as a Healing Sounds Tuning Fork Resonator.



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Gaia Brain Tuner, Gaia Body Tuner, Both Gaia Brain & Gaia Body Tuner


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