Chakra Suite CD – By Steven Halpern


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CHAKRA SUITE is the original, #1 bestseller that resonates the 7 chakras with 7 musical keynotes. Balancing your chakras is essential for optimal health and well-being, and ideal for meditation, healing and massage.


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CHAKRA SUITE balances the chakras and assists optimal health and healing by stimulating each vital energy center with the corresponding sound frequencies. This is the composition that started the “Quiet Revolution in Musical Mindfulness over 40 years ago!

Working with the principles of cellular resonance, biological harmonics and intention, Steven Halpern's award-winning chakra music composition effortlessly, easily and enjoyably evokes your natural "relaxation response."

CHAKRA SUITE (previously released as Spectrum Suite) has sold over 700,000 albums worldwide and has been voted "The most influential New Age/healing album."

This recording highlights the primordial power of pure tone, and an evolutionary/revolutionary approach to composing. The exquisite keyboard you hear is the legendary Rhodes electric piano, a healing instrument designed by Harold Rhodes. Its sound matched the sound I had been hearing inside my head during meditation and in dreams.

What you won’t hear are recognizable melodies, familiar chord progressions or a continuous rhythm, as is found in most music. Indeed, it was precisely because of the unique approach to tonal composition that you are able to respond in a more healing and intuitive, rather than intellectual manner.

Unlike most music, there is no conscious or subconscious destination; the music doesn’t have to go or do anything. Rather, it reminds us that we are human be-ings…not human do-ings. CHAKRA SUITE allows you to be in the moment…becoming one with the music…and with the stillness and peace that lies beyond sound.

Listen as background, and you’ll notice that you are breathing more slowly and deeply, and feeling lighter and more relaxed. Listen meditatively, especially with headphones, and you’ll become aware of the intricate interweavings of the overtones and the space between the tones. It produces an extraordinary psycho-acoustic effect that you can feel spiraling up your spine and moving inside your head.

CHAKRA SUITE Guided Meditation Video

I invite you to experience the transformative power of sound and color to resonate and balance the 7 chakras and enhance brainwave coherence. This is the same guided meditation that I've shared with audiences at major spiritual and healing conferences around the world since 1975.

Chakras Enter the Mainstream

In 1975, the concept and understanding of chakras had not yet entered the mainstream awareness. The original title of this recording was CHAKRA SUITE, but my business advisors counseled me to choose Spectrum Suite as the title because the music harnessed the healing potential of the sound and color frequencies of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Since this album made its debut, it has traveled the world and reached millions of people from all walks of life, far beyond what I ever imagined. In the new millennium, it was time to re-christen this album with its original, and more appropriate and descriptive chakra music title, CHAKRA SUITE.

The State of the Art Keeps Evolving

Every few years, a new generation of recording equipment becomes available. My recording engineer, Warren Dennis Kahn, and I were able to improve upon the exquisite beauty of the solo electric piano recorded with what was the state of the art analog or digital equipment at the time. To our delight, we “improved upon perfection.” The sound became even more luminous, more transparent, more heart opening, with a warmth and 3-dimensionality that took our breath away.

It was a sonic revelation, and an appropriate way to honor the integrity of the music on this 35th Anniversary Edition.

This edition showcases a new generation of instruments and exquisite ethereal textures that inspired me to explore additional dimensions of sound healing in combination with the classic solo version. I know you’ll appreciate and enjoy this multi-layered expansion to the timeless practice of chakra healing.

Namaste, Steven Halpern


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