Amazing Face Vitamin C Source Serum


One of PhiSciences CRYSTAL ENERGY Natural Organic Skin Care line made with Pure Hydrogen Flanagan Microcluster, C SOURCE is a revolutionary formula of rejuvenating nutrients that prepares the cells of your skin. An oil-free concentrated treatment that delivers high-potency antioxidants for all skin types. Scented with essential oils of frankincense, lemon, lavandin grosso and ylang ylang. Use under your day or night cream to seal in vital nutrients and boost absorption.


Ingredients: Purified spring water, organic aloe vera gel, seaweed, 15% vitamin C ester, organic plant extracts of green tea and horsetail, MSM, vitamin, alpha lipoic acid, 3% Flanagan Crystal Energy®, pure essential oils of frankincense, lemon, lavandin grosso and ylang ylang, glucose and enzyme, a natural preservative.

• Hydrogen-powered antioxidants with
3% Flanagan Crystal Energy®
• Vitamin C helps to build collagen and elasticity
• Green tea, horsetail, MSM and vitamin E to treat wrinkles
• May reduce fine lines, puffiness and enlarged pores

Massage 5 – 10 drops over face and décolletage. Use both morning and night. C Source is the carrier for Crystal Energy’s first layer of cellular repair. Apply generously – too much is a good thing! Apply first before moisturizers on a freshly cleansed face.

3 reviews for Amazing Face Vitamin C Source Serum

  1. Chad H. (verified owner)

    Been part of my new and only skin regimen with the rest of the products and have had nothing but extremely positive results. In fact most of my family and some friends quickly started to do the same! Best there is alone or in combination with the rest of the amazing Phi Sciences products!

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  2. Milos Liska (verified owner)

    czKrálovéhradecký kraj, Czechia

    Absolunt amazing products. I buy Megahydrate, Crystal energy and creams from the Czech Republic. Everything is absolutely great and irreplaceable. Thank you to everyone who is involved in making sure that Mr. Flanagan’s legacy is not forgotten.

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  3. Milos Liska (verified owner)

    czKrálovéhradecký kraj, Czechia

    Amazing cosmetics and creams. I order from the Czech Republic and recommend to everyone.

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