Sound Healing 432 HZ CD – By Steven Halpern


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Every track is one of famed New Age musician Steven Halpern’s personal playlist favorites. The perfect intro to Steven’s music,  this definitive collection includes 14 inspired recordings, solo and collaborations, from 1975-2018.


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Proven in landmark biofeedback studies and in the lives of millions over more than 40 years, Steven’s mindful music supports your innate intelligence for self-healing. His multi-layered compositions invite genes and DNA to express for optimal well-being.

“Each of these tracks are among my all-time favorites, selected from my best-selling albums including CHAKRA SUITE, DEEP ALPHA, DEEP THETA, COMFORT ZONE, and GIFTS OF THE ANGELS.” — Steven Halpern

The Science behind  A = 432 Hz

According to a growing number of researchers, music tuned slightly lower (A=432 Hz) than standard concert pitch (A=440 Hz) enhances its healing potential.

The soothing tones of the Rhodes electric piano, cello, harp and bamboo flute create a masterpiece of musical mindfulness…at the speed of sound.

Steven’s specially composed music orchestrates space, time and silence to automatically evoke your relaxation response more effectively than most classical compositions. As you listen to this recording, you may notice that you are breathing more slowly and deeply…and that your stress melts away. 

Healing and Mindful Music

Unrelieved stress is a key factor in over 85% of disease and illness. Using specially composed music to reduce stress and promote relaxation is one of the most effective, effortless and enjoyable ways to support our innate intelligence and communicate with our genes to promote optimal well-being.
Most music, however, actually creates stress when we listen. Familiar melodies and harmonic patterns hook us into unconsciously analyzing and predicting where the music is going in our mind. Anticipating the future keeps you out of mindful awareness of the present moment.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the healing effects of this music: unique orchestration of tone, time and Silence, bio-resonance and brainwave entrainment. More difficult to describe, but none the less real, are the powers of our focused intention and the inflowing of spiritual energies from higher realms.

Within seconds, you’ll likely notice that you are breathing more deeply than before. Your heartbeat slows down, your brainwaves shift from the everyday beta range to the slower frequencies of alpha and theta associated with deep relaxation and healing.

Healing Tones of the Rhodes Electric Piano

The unique sound of the Rhodes electric piano rates highest in healing effects, and no other artist’s instrument matches the proprietary combination of tone and reverb that you experience on this album.
Like a series of tuning forks played as a keyboard, the Rhodes electric piano produces the most pure and therapeutic tone of any keyboard. Its unique sound floats out of your speakers or headphones like sonic incense.


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