OmGym Suspension System for Strength and Flexibility


Do you know the health benefits of inversions?  This is the original, all-in-one revolutionary Suspension Yoga Sling, Fitness Trainer, and Therapeutic Support System designed by Sarah Kellet, OmGym’s founder. If you love being in nature, take this light, easy to carry, ribbon soft suspension system! Our OmGym is at our home, suspended from our porch beam and easy to pack up for an outing.

Discover the incredible perks of inversions and aerial stretching that go beyond the physical – it’s a journey of profound connection with your body and soul. Feel the exhilaration of deeper stretches, as the practice gently unravels the knots of joint pressure and spinal tension often provoked by conventional floor workouts. Sense the liberation as tension dissipates, and experience a newfound balance and heightened bodily awareness that transcends the mat.

Made with Supersylk™- for industrial strength, featherweight portability, and silkiness to the touch. Adjustable for all body types. Designed for users up to 300 lbs. Made with sustainable materials.



Includes the following:

1 hammock-sling
1 removable sling cushion for extra comfort
6 padded handle grips at varied lengths for multiple use options
Pro Adjustment System (daisy-chain style) for easy use
Full-color instructional wall poster
Matching signature backpack with 2 zippered pockets for convenient alternate use


Comes with a 15-day guarantee to love it or your money back and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

*Made for all ages

*Made with Supersylk™- recycled nylon parachute material

*Supports up to 300 lbs. static weight, 250 lbs. dynamic motion

*Portable design sets up on your support structure in seconds

*Only 3 pounds, 7 ounces


*Custom-designed S-hooks secure the equipment to weight-tested adjustment straps for maximum safety and quick setup.

*Official Training Equipment used in the acclaimed OmGym® Teacher Training Program, the only internationally-recognized aerial / anti-gravity / suspension training program in the world today. Yoga Alliance of USA, International Yoga Federation, and the Canadian Yoga Alliance provide CEC’s for OmGym® Suspension Yoga Training.

*OmGym® Suspension System is the preeminent modern variation of aerial / anti-gravity / suspension-training equipment. It is the conceptual successor to the illustrious yoga teacher BKS Iyengar's rope system, and currently offers the most comprehensive and high-quality solution in this category on the market today.

*OmGym is the only company using sustainable materials to produce aerial / anti-gravity / suspension-training products.  *OmGym® International is actively involved in charity and therapy programs using our equipment, such as for children with special needs and autism.



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