Hydrogen: What’s the difference between H, H2, H+, H- and OH- ?

Editor’s Note:  This is a simple explanation of the different natures of hydrogen and how it reacts with oxygen. Note that H2 ‘is the antioxidant in hydrogen-rich water.’ The measure of pH is derived from the presence of H+ in a substance. 

Hydrogen: What’s the difference between H, H2, H+, H- and OH- ?

Distinguishing between these different forms of Hydrogen can be confusing to those of us who flunked high school chemistry. Here is an attempt at clarification.

H = Atomic Hydrogen
Atomic Hydrogen cropped
Atomic hydrogen is number 1 on the Periodic Table of Elements. It consists of one proton and one unpaired electron which means that it is a free radical.
However an atom of hydrogen rarely exists on its own because its unpaired electron eagerly seeks to join up with another electron.

The molecular form of hydrogen is more common.

H2 = Molecular Hydrogen

H2 is a gas which forms when two hydrogen atoms bond together and become a hydrogen molecule. H2 is also called molecular hydrogen.It consists of two protons and two electrons. Consequently it is the most common form of Hydrogen because it is stable with a neutral charge. H2 is not a free radical. It is the antioxidant in ‘hydrogen-rich’ water.

H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe. That means it can go where nothing else can …including into your mitochondria which are the powerhouses of your cells. Hydrogen gas cannot be kept in plastic because it will pass right through the walls of the container.

H+ = Proton

When the Hydrogen atom loses an electron all that is left is a proton. It becomes the positively charged hydrogen ion known as H+. This is the form of Hydrogen that produces the ATP enzyme that powers our cells and mitochondria.

The H+ hydrogen ion is the basis of the pH scale.

H: = Hydride

Hydride is a hydrogen atom which has an extra electron. This means that it is a negatively charged ion, or anion. That is why Hydride ion (H-) has the minus sign distinguishing it from a regular Hydrogen atom (H). The two dots after the H means that this ion has two electrons instead of just one. The extra electron means that H- is not a free radical however it is not stable because this form of hydrogen is a very strong base (extremely alkaline) which reacts with water to produce hydroxide (OHand molecular hydrogen (H2).

                                                       H: + H2O –> H2O + OH

Hydride (H: ) also reacts with metals to form chemical compounds which are reducing agents.

OH= Hydroxide ion

Hydroxide (OH–) is also known as the hydroxyl ion. When water dissociates or comes apart into its component parts it forms OH (hydroxide ions) and H3O+ (hydronium ions).
                                                       2H2O OH and H3O+

This reaction is reversible. The hydroxide ion also reacts with the hydronium ion (H3O+) to become two water molecules.

The Hydroxide ion (OH ) is a base (alkaline). The Hydroxide ion is not a free radical or an antioxidant. Dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (H2) is the antioxidant in ‘hydrogen-rich’ water.

Hydroxide (OH) is sometimes confused with the hydroxyl radical (OH). The dot to the upper right of the OH indicates an unpaired electron which means that Hydroxyl is a free radical, actually one of the most reactive oxygen radicals. Hydroxide and Hydroxl are two entirely different species. It is important to not confuse them.

H3O+ = Hydronium ion

A water molecule (H20) plus a hydrogen ion (H+) becomes a hydronium ion (H3O+). The H+ ion is a lone proton with a powerful charge. It does not exist on its own in an aqueous solution because it is immediately attracted to the unshared electrons in the oxygen atom of H2O. The result is Hydronium (H3O+). This process is reversible. Two water molecules can disassociate to form hydronium plus hydroxide.
2H2O OH and H3O+
Experiments indicate that the proton (H+) is very promiscuous. It changes from one H2O partner to another many times per second creating a new H3O+ ion as it moves.

pH = Potential of Hydrogen

pH stands for potential of Hydrogen and is actually a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) in a solution. Water breaks down (dissociates) into protons (H+) and hydroxides (OH). This reaction is reversible.

                                                       H2O H+ and OH
2H2O OH and H3O+

pH indicates whether water is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. More H+ = more acidic. Less H+ = more alkaline.

Because H+ immediately associates with H2O to form H3O+ (Hydronium), pH can also be said to be a measurement of the concentration of H3O+ in a solution.

The pH scale is logarithmic. Increasing by 1 on the pH scale results in a 10 times decrease in the hydronium ion concentration and increasing by 3 on the pH scale results in a 1,000 times decrease in the hydronium ion concentration.

Flanagan’s Golden Achievement

This is a reprint of an original article available at https://neurophoneexperience.wordpress.com/flanagans-golden-accomplishment/

Patrick Flanagan's 1962 Gold Plate Award

Patrick Flanagan’s 1962 Golden Accomplishment

By Ken Sheetz

It was summer 2014 and the Arizona heat blazed outside the air-conditioned offices of Patrick Flanagan’s PhiSciences headquarters in Cottonwood, AZ. I was filming the amazing doctor for the launch of his coming Indiegogo.  The mission, raise at least $100,000 to fund R& D and retooling for his newest and most advanced Neurophone so far, the NEO (Neural Efficiency Optimizer).

All was going smoothly with the Indiegogo film shoot with Patrick, when a pained look crossed his usually smiling face and he said, “Beautiful isn’t it, Ken?  Interesting to note, however, that a few years ago one of my staff first noticed my name was missing as a Gold Plate Award winner on their website.”  His inventive fingers traced his name on of the Gold Plate award, almost as if to confirm his name was still there.

I love Pat’s work making a healthier world.  Deepak Chopra calls Patrick “A gift to humanity.”  He really deserves to stand on the Achievement.org page with other giants of art and science. Even if he was only 18 in 1962 when he won for his Gold Plate award. So I promised, “Well, soon as the Indie campaign is behind us, Patrick, I will see if I can fix the omission for you.”

The doc happily nodded and we went back to filming for the Indiegogo.  The doctor is amazing on camera for a non-actor.  He’s done magnificent work with my over 50 exclusive Youtube videos of him for the hit web series The Flanagan Experimentswith over 25 million views.  The doc gave a great performance that day.  I was able to make an awesome series of Neurophone videos you can watch in the gallery at the NEO Neurophone Indiegogo.

Indiegogo.com Loves the Doctor Forever

Indiegogo.com Loves the Doctor Forever

The 21st-century-website, Indiegogo.com, embraced the doctor and his amazing Neurophone from day one of the 60-day crowdfunding run.

Soon the doctor was basking acknowledgement of over over 1800 contributors, so far. Fans from all over the world, as far away as Siberia, surfing high on the tide of success on page one exposure on Indiegogo.com. By the end of the hit that campaign that rolled over into forever funding, we’ve raised over six hundred thousand dollars, in total with Pay Later NEOs included, beating our $100K minimum goal 6 times over.

On the winds of the Indiegogo 60-day success, and with prestigious beta Forever Funding in front of us, spurred on by some friendly reminders from amazing fans the campaign, like Trygve Larsen, buoyed by great videos of amazing people like former NASA scientist Renea Atiemo and many others sharing their profound Neurophone Experiences, and the blessings of the famed Dr. Flanangan, I went to work right after Thanksgiving and contacted the Academy of Achievement folks.

Update 12/2/14:  The Academy of Achievement folks have clarified that the award of a division of the Gold Plate Awards for high school age recipients.  The award is called the Golden Eagle, and that is what Patrick was given alongside the adults.  For reasons of web brevity, the Academy has chosen not to include those in school on their website.  Hence not being able to locate Patrick on the Academy of Achievement website.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan Academy of Achievement Gold Plate AwardHowever, the mystery is not solved as Pat’s plate shows no significant distinction from other gold plates I looked at on Google images, and Pat remembers no such delineation.  So I have asked the Academy to look deeper.  Perhaps the Golden Eagle was added for younger winners after 1962.   So stay tuned.

In any case, my hope is that with all Pat’s success on his NEO Neurophone it would certainly be fitting that in 2015 the 70 year-old Patrick Flanagan win another plate for his long and distinguished career.




From 12/29/62 Academy of Achievement award program

You’ll see how proud the doctor is of his Academy of Achievement award in the video I filmed of him with his dear pal and colleague in raising human consciousness, Deepak Chopra.


Press coverage including Patrick Flanagan about the Academy of Achievement Award

Falling for Sleep

Moon Over Water Sleeplessness The fine and comprehensive essay below on Sleep is a full diet of thought about how our lifestyles have removed us from the natural cycles of light and dark and healthy habits of connecting with nature that are so important to maintain our health in the wired world.

Falling For Sleep by Rubin Naiman

CTE EDITOR’S NOTE:  Healthy and natural sleep has been a pursuit for us. To that end, we began with completely blacking out all light except the moon and stars from our bedroom. We were shocked at how many little indicator lights glowed in our home. Blocking them helped. Then we put our wireless modem on a timer so it shut off for several hours during the night. We really noticed a difference and continued looking for ways to improve our sleep. The easiest we found was just plugging in a Blushield product. We immediately felt relief from the scalar wave flooding our home with a healthier frequency for our cells, which over time, has reduced chronic inflammation and produced a cascade of wellness: more energy, better sleep, lower stress. Recently we went two layers deeper into improving the health of our home environment. First, we replaced the wireless router and have our devices hooked up to Ethernet cables for internet access. Now the wireless is turned on only when needed. Second, we improved the grounding of our bodies with grounding mats under our desks, and a grounding blanket on our bed. This allows the natural discharge of positive ions building up in the body causing inflammation. It’s taken a lot of changes to get to better health, but our home has become a peaceful sanctuary where we truly feel rejuvenated. Try some changes in your environment–it will really help.


Intro to Kirtan

Intro to Kirtan

Elizabeth and Bhaktifest with Natesh Kirtan

Elizabeth England (L) and Cassandra Wallick of Band of Now (C) at Bhaktifest with Natesh Kirtan

By Rosie @ http://www.evolutionsyoga.com/intro-to-kirtan/

If you are like me, right now you are pretty clueless as to what Kirtan is, or what it’s actually like.

So, what the heck is Kirtan?

It’s a “jam session!”


A call and response type of group chanting, with musicians, live instruments, peaceful energy, high frequency vibrations, like minds, and LOVE!

Just like Yoga, you’ll leave Kirtan feeling amazing.

Krishna Das, “the Pavarotti of Kirtan,” (as famously dubbed by Yoga Journal) describes Kirtan to his inquirers, as such: “It is a call and response, kinda sing-a-long….I sing a line and the audience repeats it. As the evening goes on, we all get deeper and quieter” (“A Moment with Krishna,” 1).

Not only is this a “jam session,” in which you’ll get to listen to some extremely talented artists, you’ll also benefit from this experience, in many different ways.

We all know the benefits of meditation (quiet mind, less stress, happiness, healthy mind).

One of the main goals of Kirtan is to quiet your mind, and bring yourself to a meditative state. With the enchanting Sanskrit words that most of us, myself included, will not understand, it should become easier for us to let go of our constant thought patterns, and give our mind a rest. It makes quieting the mind and meditating easier to grasp (possibly because there are no familiar words that set off cues and trigger thought patterns? Just guess here.) All this while also enjoying a peaceful energy that, I am sure is quite indescribable (Kitzie, 1).

What makes us feel so good?

We all resonate at different vibrational frequencies, and these frequencies change according to what we are thinking and doing at the present moment. When a group of us are all doing the same thing such as singing, chanting, breathing, and moving to the same beats, our vibrations begin to synchronize toward a higher frequency. Higher frequency vibrations are associated with feeling good (Ragani, 1).

The “laws of vibrations” help us, in that all of our vibrations align themselves to stronger, healthier vibrations. This is great, and also the reason why we tend to re-enter the “real” world from yoga, feeling blissful! You can’t help but latch on to those of us that have strong frequencies and higher frequency vibrations (Ragani, 1)!

Even if you are having a bad day (low frequency vibrations), it would be extremely difficult to hold onto those feelings during the course of a Kirtan experience, because you will constantly be attracted to the higher frequencies and feelings of goodness. If you were to merely to sit in the room without participating in the least, you should still be able to feel a shift in energy, to higher more blissful vibrations. This energy begins to activate the spirit that exists within us all. And, that’s what makes us feel so good (Ragani, 1).

I don’t know about you, but that sounds amazing! At this point, I really do not need any further winning over!

So, now….what the heck are they saying?

Kirtan is traditionally sung in Sanskrit. Sanskrit mantras, to be more specific. Traditionally, it is the calling of God’s name in Sanskrit. (Rosen, 6). However, in current times, and especially in the west, Kirtan has taken on a more modern approach. God’s name is still chanted in Sanskrit, but Sanskrit sayings/mantras, and even mantras in English are becoming prominent and modern instruments, such as the guitar, are also being introduced and popularized.

Don’t feel like you could keep up with the language? Or, feeling uncomfortable chanting things in a different language?

No problem. Just sit, relax, and take it all in. (This is probably where I will sit, until I become more comfortable with the whole process).


Join in as best you can, sing, clap, dance, sway or meditate. There is no wrong way.

Kirtan in itself is a learning experience. You take from it exactly what you are meant to.

For the next five weeks I will be highlighting different aspects of Kirtan, in order to educate and inspire you all to join us with Arjun Baba on June 22nd. This event will be a great honor for Indianapolis, and a real treat for us all. Let’s welcome Arjun with open minds, and open hearts!

In the next five blog posts, in the next five weeks, I will be covering these aspects of Kirtan:

-The History/Famous Kirtaniyas

-Arjun Baba (our special guest)

-Religious aspect? Yes or No?

-Movies/Links/Music Bites/Articles/ The works

-Arjun’s Mantras and their meanings

Stay tuned, and get excited about Arjun Baba and Kirtan!

Rosie at  http://www.evolutionsyoga.com/intro-to-kirtan/

Our Most Important Black Friday Ever

Our Most Important Black Friday Ever

Wow. It’s Black Friday again. Normally, we at CTE (CoolestTechEver.com) and our sister page CME (CoolestMeditationEver.com) are laid back about the great products we’ve offered since 2015 from greats inventors like Patrick Flanagan, Jonathan Goldman and James Wanless. But what makes 2013 special is that this is CTE’s first Black Friday carrying the #1 EMF protection on earth, Blushield. it’s super cool scalar wave Tesla tech and we working our tails off the manifest a record number of sales not just to make a profit but to save health and lives.

Why is this important Black Friday ever? Because we at CoolestTechEver.com are literally in race to get as many people protected from the cancer causing effects of Wifi, smart meters, microwaves, cell towers, cell phones and, most scary of all, 5G that will be rolling out nationwide soon. And 5G is already live in LA, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington DC, Houston and Indianapolis.

5G stands for the 5th Generation of mobile phone technology and we side with PC Magazine story that calls the rollout of weaponized technology to the general public without health testing reckless at best. Wether you get a Blushield or not we encourage you to learn more about the real dangers of EMF radiation in the report from The World Health Organization.

We have ads running but your word of mouth, dear reader, is the most trusted source of advertising we have. Please, share this remarkable gift that shares a lineage with the work of Nikola Tesla and let your friends and family know you’ve found a gift idea that’s a true life saver EMF protection at CoolestTechEver.com.



WiFi In Schools–What’s All The Fuss About?

WiFi In Schools–What’s All The Fuss About?

Child Illness Under 18 and Wireless UseageAustralia is on the CUTTING EDGE of understanding the EMF landscape and the precautions necessary to ensure we protect our health as the Internet of Things emerges. Presently, wireless growth has spawned more cell phones than people and new wireless and mobile technologies are continually emerging, expanding the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Exposure to EMR has multiplied in the last decade.

Just 5 years ago, mobile providers didn’t offer unlimited talk and text. A decade ago, few children had access to mobile devices. Now they are a targeted consumer market. Parents Magazine, ignorant of the dangers, even recommends tablet devices for children less than a year old. This video from the Australian organization WiFi In Schools is an excellent and clear explanation of the necessary precautions for protecting children from EMR and why we need them. Now that we know EMR is linked to brain cancer, breast cancer and infertility in adults, it’s time to protect our kids at school. (See Dr. Devra Davis, A Global Expert Speaks for a complete discussion of this evidence.)

We are reaching out to schools across America to implement Blushield from CoolestTechEver.com to help students cope with wifi and cellular dangers. Many schools in Australia use Blushiled and love the results–better moods, lower anxiety, and most importantly, it protects blood cells from damage. Last week, Blushield USA donated several Cube units to a Kansas City school.

Until we get all schools protected, it’s smart to protect your child with a portable unit. We recommend the DISC for kids as it’s our smallest, least noticeable portable protector. The DISC is drop resistant, water resistant and has no on/off switch so kids can’t turn the protector off! It creates an 18′ bubble of protection from all EMR. This video from the Australian organization WiFi In Schools is an excellent and clear explanation of the necessary precautions for protecting children from EMR and why we need them.

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