NF3 Neurophone TRANSDUCER Headset


MOVING SALE THROUGH MARCH 15 – TRANSDUCERS WILL SHIP BY MARCH 19TH.  Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone at the age of 13 in 1958. Since that time Patrick created a wide variety of versions of his beloved Neurophone. This would gain him national attention at the age of 18 in LIFE MAGAZINE.

This transducer headset, designed by the doctor and made in Germany, comes standard with the NF3 model.

NOTE: Upon initial use of a transducer you purchase should you notice any discomfort that is not normal with your NF3. In such a rare case please discontinue use, return the transducer to CTE and we’ll send you a new one.

Last, should you notice any discomfort from a NF3 transducer after the 90 warranty expires with normal use please discontinue use and order a replacement. Do not wear a Neurophone transducer during exercise or any activity that may get the transducer wet as that breaks down the glue holding the headpiece together.


JUST THE TRANSDUCER HEADSET - Replacement transducers for Dr. Flanagan's Neurophone.

Replacement Transducers Only For the NF3


Learn more about the Neurophone from inventor Patrick Flanagan in the 2013 video.

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