We at Coolest Tech Ever (CTE) wish to reassure all our customers, both domestic and foreign, that we value your total satisfaction from the moment you make your order through delivery and beyond. As such, we have, given the utter mess the Trump administration has made of our postal system, made the decision to move ALL CTE shipping to private carrier UPS.

On a positive note, until 9/1/20 you will get our old USPS rates to ship UPS for all orders received by August 31st.

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CTE’s carefully curated products are world-renowned for their health and wellness boosting properties. Despite these difficult times our sales have increased significantly. And so we wish to take this opportunity thank you, the coolest customers ever. We salute your savvy purchases, while assuring you we remain dedicated to giving you the finest service and getting your purchases to you in the most cost effective and timely fashion possible.

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