7″ iTorus Vortex Coil Scalar Wave Field Generator



Silent and incredibly powerful; the iTorus 7 offers quantum energy healing in a field large enough to cover every room of your home or office with real-time EMF protection  producing a 36 ft diameter ionic shield!

Our cutting-edge VPEMF therapy devices come from decades of development of the Nicola Tesla (Bifilar) Coil to produce pulsing square-waves, technology used for interstellar travel health by NASA to keep astronauts fit in zero gravity. Jason Stiles of iPyramids has introduced the additional power of genuine orgone ion amplification producing a fully, counterbalanced quantum Vortex field to this technology that entrains the body’s bioelectrical field into what is known as anionic quantum coherence. This technology is reputed to reverse time in the human DNA that allows it to revert back to its original genetic signature prior to the trauma, Jason developed this technology to heal himself from a crippling injury that ended his military service.

The iTorus 7 (7” diameter) comes in 11 different mineral/quartz options to choose from. Each one is fitted with a multi-pin auxiliary input from the powerful 2 Channel 40 watt amplifier included. Simply plug into the amp directly from the included MP7 player running preloaded frequencies, phone or computer running the same biophotonic audio files to activate our therapeutic vortex shield.

*Note: This beautiful healing technology, made in the red rock vortex capital of the world Sedona USA, has a 4-6 week waiting time from the date of your order.



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Perfect for self-care at home and also a great practitioner tool. The mineralized iTorus’s are custom made with crushed stone blended in a plant based ecopoxy resin then wrapped in a Vortex Based Mathematical coil. The coil has two channels creating clockwise and counterclockwise magnetic spin. These coils produce a spinning magnetic field measurable out to 24 ft diameter when powered by the amplifier and frequency generator creating a bioactive field, a rejuvenation field, a field effect to enhance life. Use the iTorus like a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy device and charge up the human body for optimal performance and rejuvenation.


  • Every 7 X 7 x 3" iTorus is hand-inlaid with positive and negative circuit of hand-spiralled, 24-strand copper wire that is energized by phone or amplifier connection to create a unique, active wave field beneficial for many applications.
  • Except for the iTorus Clear, every iTorus is custom-crafted with a mineral-infused crystal matrix.
  • Aux Input Directly to Your Phone or Signal Generator, Ability to Plug into Amplifier as well
  • 100 watt amplifier and 1″ sphere magnet included
  • Comes with an impact resistant carry case
  • The Compassion Stone Pink iTorus donut is infused with Rose Quartz, Rhodalite, and Pink Opal. Rose Quartz is associated with heart opening qualities that release blocked energy, reduce negative response to trauma and stimulate self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and unconditional love towards others. Rhodalite is associated with increased self worth through recognizing, honoring and exercising one’s gifts, deep healing of emotional abuse and trauma and embracing a healthy metabolism and self image. Pink Opal is associated with calming and soothing the physical body, experiencing a peaceful mind, and release of worry.
  • The Shungite Field Black iTorus has a full spectrum of light with a blend of crushed stones, crystals, minerals of every color as well as shungite, black tourmaline, magnetite and fulgurite (sedona red rock sand struck by lightning) and all coated in conductive carbon. Shungite is associated with purification on all levels but especially of water–of which we are approximately 70%–and protection from geopathic and electrosmog zones. Black Tourmaline is associated with providing psychic protection from negative energies and EMF protection. Magnetite is associated with attracting love, loyalty and commitment and repelling anger, fear and grief, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. Fulgurite is associated with enhancing psychic and spiritual connection.
  • The Violet Flame Purple iTorus is made with Amethyst and Auralite 23.
  • The Azurite Shield Blue iTorus is made with Azurite base with a blend of blue stones to include sodalite, lapis, blue calcite, and aqua marine.
  • The iTorus — Golden Shield Version is made with a special blend of a plethora of piezoelectric quartz crystals and mica. Mica – a radio active insulator – dielectric material – used in the construction of capacitors. A capacitor is a passive two-terminalelectronic component that stores electrical energy in an electric field. The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance. While some capacitance exists between any two electrical conductors in proximity in a circuit, a capacitor is a component designed to add capacitance to a circuit. An inductor, also called a coil, choke, or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. An inductor typically consists of an insulated wire wound into a coil around a core. Combining the mica with a vortex inductor coil we get a device that can store charge in an electric and magnetic field, which has many applications. In the use here we like to use them to store up charge within the human body like a wireless battery charger.Fun Fact: In 1906, a surprising discovery was made in Teotihuacan, Mexico as researchers discovered a thick layer of Mica on top of the Pyramid of the Sun
  • Aqua Superluminal Premium high frequency Aqua Aura Quartz iTorus is quartz crystals infused with 24k gold plus selenite and Iceland spar “optical calcite.”
  • Angel Aura Superluminal Quartz iTorus is one of the highest frequency we custom make. The quartz crystals are infused with platinum and silver. The platinum and silver vaporized metals are molecularly bonded with the quartz in a vacuum process and under extreme heat. Angel Aura Crystals can be used for purifying and balancing the chakras (especially the crown chakra), integrating the light body into the physical dimension and creating a deep state of meditative awareness grounding the information received from the cosmic realm into the physical body. It’s truly a magical crystal in metaphysical function as well as physical appearance.





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Angel Aura Superluminal, Aqua Superluminal, Atlantis Stone, Azurite Shield, Compassion Stone, Golden Shield, Heartstone, Ion, Sedona Vortex Stone, Shungite Field, Violet Flame


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