Origin Story: Coolest Tech Ever and Dr. Patrick Flanagan

By Ken Sheetz

We are growing rapidly.  Over 40 of the coolest tech ever products are now featured on this website that’s only 10 months old.  The site has been such a hit that we recently upgraded it.  BTW, our mothership site CoolestMeditationEver is under remodeling and will relaunch soon.

So how did a planetary healing website birth this new website for health and wellness technology, known affectionately as Coolest Tech Ever out of respect for our connection to the continent of ice? For that let’s time travel, tech we hope to offer you one day, to the fall of 2012. I was base-camped in Sedona filming healers for company called SpiritQuest and on a spirit quest of my own raising money for an Indiegogo to film a series of 24 meditations Antarctica. Out of the blue an LA friend, Nick Edwards, called and said to me, “Ken, I love your films so much I am going to introduce you to one of the greatest scientists of the New Age, in fact maybe the father of New Age movement himself, Sedona resident Dr. Patrick Flanagan. It’s going to change your life forever. Pat is flat-out going to be your most amazing contact of your career.”

I told Nick I was embarrassed that I’d never heard of the doctor and that I doubted, with all due respect, that any connection I’d made in my career could match building Harpo Studios for Oprah Winfrey. Nick forgave my ignorance. He told me he knew I’d change my tune after meeting Patrick. So I agreed purely on the recommendation of Nick to meet Dr. Flanagan.

Wow. Nick, who sadly passed away in 2015, could not have been more right. Pat and I hit it off instantly and he became the biggest backer of the Antarctica project. In return I agreed to film Pat in Chichen Itza, where he was speaking at a celebration of the end of the Mayan Calendar, on my way home from Antarctica. I let Nick know afterwards that I he was right. Pat is so bright he transcends GENIUS. Yes, even one as great as Oprah.

But frankly, I might have not taken on the Chichen Itza assignment if I knew the daunting task I faced to make it all the way up from Antarctica in time to film Dr. Flanagan.  After an ATM swallowed my only debit card tied to the Indiegogo that funded the entire Antarctica adventure, I traveled three days with only some cash a kind person named Michael had gifted me when they saw my ATM nightmare happen. After a series of long layovers without enough money for food, my only sleep on planes and in airports, I made it to Cancun.

But my travel troubles were not over. Through no fault of Pat’s, the poorly organized event that promised to pick me up by limo in Cancun never showed. Unfortunately, neither Nick nor Pat could be raised on the cell phone. Desperate to keep my filming promise, I improvised and bartered away my luggage and clothing to make the hot and bumpy 70 mile taxi ride. Broke and badly dehydrated, I arrived just in time in Chichen Itza to film Pat giving his speech to the enthralled Chichen Itza crowd.

My brother Western Unioned me the cash I needed to get home and I arrived back in LA with only my camera gear and the clothes on my back.  But it was worth it because Patrick was impressed I’d kept my word at great personal expense. A few weeks back in the LA grind I pitched Pat about making a 50-video web series about all his great products I was learning about. Genius that he is, he surprised me and made the decision right on the phone call, inviting me back to Sedona to film the web series that introduces a whole new generation of fans to Patrick.

My lucky stars and spirit guides had dropped me into the most exciting project of my 20 years as a filmmaker. Pat, a certified genius who had been featured in LIFE MAGAZINE at only age 17 as one of the world’s most promising young scientists, I’d soon learn has a huge global fan base. Co-starring his amazing wife Stephanie, the three of us birthed a 25 million views web series I dubbed THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS.

2015 Limited Edition NEO Neurophone

2015 Limited Edition NEO Neurophone

This success would propel me into creating an Indiegogo for Pat that would sell 5,000 brain boosting devices and raise $1.6 million for Patrick’s NEO (Neural Efficiency Optimizer) Neurophone development. Unfortunately, the NEO project stopped after Patrick suffered a series of mini-strokes in 2015 and has yet to resume. But we hope to soon offer a update NF3 version from Pat’s German maker soon. Stay tuned on the email list. These are incredibly popular and will sell out fast.

In January of 2019, as tribute to the doctor and all he and his wife have done as my patrons, I curated all 50 videos and edited them into a theatrical feature film that sold-out a special screening of THE SEDONA FILM FESTIVAL. Pat’s amazing life story also wowed the crowd at the 2019 New Living expo. That new 2019 film can be watched here as free gift for joining our CTE email list using the free movie ticket tab to the right and top of this page. Email me at help@coolesttechever.com if you are already list member and want to see the movie for free.

Over the busy 7 years that have flown by since that magical 2012 introduction by Nick Edwards, Patrick and Stephanie have generously allowed me to market the gorgeous Sensor V medallion and other PhiSciences products to support my planetary meditation filming. As we have discovered more incredible life-enhancing technologies, our success with Dr. Flanagan opened doors to offer products from other greats of spirit science like sound healer Jonathan Goldman, Jason Stiles and iTorus, Mark Langford’s Blushield EMF protection, and others. Coolest Tech Ever has become a funder for our conscious film projects, planetary meditation and our peaceful mission to bring more harmony to mankind.

Ken & Elizabeth, CoolestMeditationEver.com Team

Ken & Elizabeth, CoolestMeditationEver.com Team

My love and partner Elizabeth, who came into my life in November of 2015, also as a result of following spirit to Antarctica — an amazing cosmic love story worthy of it’s own post — finally convinced me a year ago to spilt off our sales work from our meditations. And so CoolestMeditationEver.com had a baby, CoolestTechEver.com born  8.18.18.

It’s important to note that CTE’s sales support the planetary healing film work of CME. They work as a symbiotic team. Your CTE purchases also support Elizabeth’s brilliant ocean awareness project Ocean-Nation.org. Rest assured that Elizabeth and I use most of these now 40 strong line of coolest ever technologies that Patrick inspired us to carry ourselves daily. We know from happy customer testimonials that our Coolest Tribe Ever enjoy the tech as much as we do.

Thanks for reading and being part of our spirit tribe at Coolest Tribe Ever.

To Your Health and Happiness!

With Great Respect, Ken & Elizabeth

Here’s our newest addition to the CTE family: The Best Portable Hydration Device Out There!

The Elemental Nature of Water

Editors’s Note: Reprinted from European GeoSciences Blog. Original article at: https://blogs.egu.eu/geolog/2013/10/28/imaggeo-on-mondays-the-names-bond-hydrogen-bond/. This article sheds light on the activity of hydrogen when introduced into the body through supplementation. Hydrogen will scavenge dangerous free radicals of oxygen and turn them into more water for the body, a very good thing. This is why we love hydrogen boosting products for better health, like MegaHydrate and the HydroGO+.  

Imaggeo on Mondays: The name’s Bond. Hydrogen bond.

The O in H2O attracts electrons towards it, a property known as electronegativity. And because oxygen attracts electrons towards it, it is ever so slightly positive. Likewise, the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule are ever so slightly negative. The difference in charge across a water molecule is what holds water together as the slightly positive hydrogen atoms are attracted towards the slightly negative oxygen atoms – a phenomenon known as hydrogen bonding.

Water molecules are drawn together by hydrogen bonding – attraction between negative hydrogen atoms and positive oxygen atoms. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Qwerter)

Water molecules are drawn together by hydrogen bonding – attraction between negative hydrogen atoms and positive oxygen atoms. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons user Qwerter)

Hydrogen bonding is what gives water its adhesive and cohesive properties, allowing water to form thin films as it spreads of smooth surfaces (adhesion), and stick together (cohesion) as droplets, that can fall as rain, collect on the surface of a leaf, or obscure your hand lens as you try your best to do fieldwork in bad weather.

“Water drops” by Jacqueline Isabella Gisen, distributed by the EGU under a Creative Commons licence.

“Water drops” by Jacqueline Isabella Gisen, distributed by the EGU under a Creative Commons licence.

This photo by Jacqueline Gisen captures the cohesive nature of water. She explains that “cohesive forces make water molecules to attracted to each other from every direction,” but because the water’s surface is exposed to the atmosphere (where there is relatively few water molecules) it can only be pulled down towards the rest of the fluid. This creates surface tension, responsible for the bouncing droplets you see when one source of water pours into another.

Imaggeo is the EGU’s open access geosciences image repository. A new and improved Imaggeo site will be launching soon, so you will be able to peruse an even better database of visually stunning geoscience images. Photos uploaded to Imaggeo can be used by scientists, the press and the public provided the original author is credited. Photographers also retain full rights of use, as Imaggeo images are licensed and distributed by the EGU under a Creative Commons licence. You can submit your photos here.

Hydrogen: What’s the difference between H, H2, H+, H- and OH- ?

Editor’s Note:  This is a simple explanation of the different natures of hydrogen and how it reacts with oxygen. Note that H2 ‘is the antioxidant in hydrogen-rich water.’ The measure of pH is derived from the presence of H+ in a substance. 

Hydrogen: What’s the difference between H, H2, H+, H- and OH- ?

Distinguishing between these different forms of Hydrogen can be confusing to those of us who flunked high school chemistry. Here is an attempt at clarification.

H = Atomic Hydrogen
Atomic Hydrogen cropped
Atomic hydrogen is number 1 on the Periodic Table of Elements. It consists of one proton and one unpaired electron which means that it is a free radical.
However an atom of hydrogen rarely exists on its own because its unpaired electron eagerly seeks to join up with another electron.

The molecular form of hydrogen is more common.

H2 = Molecular Hydrogen

H2 is a gas which forms when two hydrogen atoms bond together and become a hydrogen molecule. H2 is also called molecular hydrogen.It consists of two protons and two electrons. Consequently it is the most common form of Hydrogen because it is stable with a neutral charge. H2 is not a free radical. It is the antioxidant in ‘hydrogen-rich’ water.

H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe. That means it can go where nothing else can …including into your mitochondria which are the powerhouses of your cells. Hydrogen gas cannot be kept in plastic because it will pass right through the walls of the container.

H+ = Proton

When the Hydrogen atom loses an electron all that is left is a proton. It becomes the positively charged hydrogen ion known as H+. This is the form of Hydrogen that produces the ATP enzyme that powers our cells and mitochondria.

The H+ hydrogen ion is the basis of the pH scale.

H: = Hydride

Hydride is a hydrogen atom which has an extra electron. This means that it is a negatively charged ion, or anion. That is why Hydride ion (H-) has the minus sign distinguishing it from a regular Hydrogen atom (H). The two dots after the H means that this ion has two electrons instead of just one. The extra electron means that H- is not a free radical however it is not stable because this form of hydrogen is a very strong base (extremely alkaline) which reacts with water to produce hydroxide (OHand molecular hydrogen (H2).

                                                       H: + H2O –> H2O + OH

Hydride (H: ) also reacts with metals to form chemical compounds which are reducing agents.

OH= Hydroxide ion

Hydroxide (OH–) is also known as the hydroxyl ion. When water dissociates or comes apart into its component parts it forms OH (hydroxide ions) and H3O+ (hydronium ions).
                                                       2H2O OH and H3O+

This reaction is reversible. The hydroxide ion also reacts with the hydronium ion (H3O+) to become two water molecules.

The Hydroxide ion (OH ) is a base (alkaline). The Hydroxide ion is not a free radical or an antioxidant. Dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (H2) is the antioxidant in ‘hydrogen-rich’ water.

Hydroxide (OH) is sometimes confused with the hydroxyl radical (OH). The dot to the upper right of the OH indicates an unpaired electron which means that Hydroxyl is a free radical, actually one of the most reactive oxygen radicals. Hydroxide and Hydroxl are two entirely different species. It is important to not confuse them.

H3O+ = Hydronium ion

A water molecule (H20) plus a hydrogen ion (H+) becomes a hydronium ion (H3O+). The H+ ion is a lone proton with a powerful charge. It does not exist on its own in an aqueous solution because it is immediately attracted to the unshared electrons in the oxygen atom of H2O. The result is Hydronium (H3O+). This process is reversible. Two water molecules can disassociate to form hydronium plus hydroxide.
2H2O OH and H3O+
Experiments indicate that the proton (H+) is very promiscuous. It changes from one H2O partner to another many times per second creating a new H3O+ ion as it moves.

pH = Potential of Hydrogen

pH stands for potential of Hydrogen and is actually a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) in a solution. Water breaks down (dissociates) into protons (H+) and hydroxides (OH). This reaction is reversible.

                                                       H2O H+ and OH
2H2O OH and H3O+

pH indicates whether water is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. More H+ = more acidic. Less H+ = more alkaline.

Because H+ immediately associates with H2O to form H3O+ (Hydronium), pH can also be said to be a measurement of the concentration of H3O+ in a solution.

The pH scale is logarithmic. Increasing by 1 on the pH scale results in a 10 times decrease in the hydronium ion concentration and increasing by 3 on the pH scale results in a 1,000 times decrease in the hydronium ion concentration.

Flanagan’s Golden Achievement

This is a reprint of an original article available at https://neurophoneexperience.wordpress.com/flanagans-golden-accomplishment/

Patrick Flanagan's 1962 Gold Plate Award

Patrick Flanagan’s 1962 Golden Accomplishment

By Ken Sheetz

It was summer 2014 and the Arizona heat blazed outside the air-conditioned offices of Patrick Flanagan’s PhiSciences headquarters in Cottonwood, AZ. I was filming the amazing doctor for the launch of his coming Indiegogo.  The mission, raise at least $100,000 to fund R& D and retooling for his newest and most advanced Neurophone so far, the NEO (Neural Efficiency Optimizer).

All was going smoothly with the Indiegogo film shoot with Patrick, when a pained look crossed his usually smiling face and he said, “Beautiful isn’t it, Ken?  Interesting to note, however, that a few years ago one of my staff first noticed my name was missing as a Gold Plate Award winner on their website.”  His inventive fingers traced his name on of the Gold Plate award, almost as if to confirm his name was still there.

I love Pat’s work making a healthier world.  Deepak Chopra calls Patrick “A gift to humanity.”  He really deserves to stand on the Achievement.org page with other giants of art and science. Even if he was only 18 in 1962 when he won for his Gold Plate award. So I promised, “Well, soon as the Indie campaign is behind us, Patrick, I will see if I can fix the omission for you.”

The doc happily nodded and we went back to filming for the Indiegogo.  The doctor is amazing on camera for a non-actor.  He’s done magnificent work with my over 50 exclusive Youtube videos of him for the hit web series The Flanagan Experimentswith over 25 million views.  The doc gave a great performance that day.  I was able to make an awesome series of Neurophone videos you can watch in the gallery at the NEO Neurophone Indiegogo.

Indiegogo.com Loves the Doctor Forever

Indiegogo.com Loves the Doctor Forever

The 21st-century-website, Indiegogo.com, embraced the doctor and his amazing Neurophone from day one of the 60-day crowdfunding run.

Soon the doctor was basking acknowledgement of over over 1800 contributors, so far. Fans from all over the world, as far away as Siberia, surfing high on the tide of success on page one exposure on Indiegogo.com. By the end of the hit that campaign that rolled over into forever funding, we’ve raised over six hundred thousand dollars, in total with Pay Later NEOs included, beating our $100K minimum goal 6 times over.

On the winds of the Indiegogo 60-day success, and with prestigious beta Forever Funding in front of us, spurred on by some friendly reminders from amazing fans the campaign, like Trygve Larsen, buoyed by great videos of amazing people like former NASA scientist Renea Atiemo and many others sharing their profound Neurophone Experiences, and the blessings of the famed Dr. Flanangan, I went to work right after Thanksgiving and contacted the Academy of Achievement folks.

Update 12/2/14:  The Academy of Achievement folks have clarified that the award of a division of the Gold Plate Awards for high school age recipients.  The award is called the Golden Eagle, and that is what Patrick was given alongside the adults.  For reasons of web brevity, the Academy has chosen not to include those in school on their website.  Hence not being able to locate Patrick on the Academy of Achievement website.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan Academy of Achievement Gold Plate AwardHowever, the mystery is not solved as Pat’s plate shows no significant distinction from other gold plates I looked at on Google images, and Pat remembers no such delineation.  So I have asked the Academy to look deeper.  Perhaps the Golden Eagle was added for younger winners after 1962.   So stay tuned.

In any case, my hope is that with all Pat’s success on his NEO Neurophone it would certainly be fitting that in 2015 the 70 year-old Patrick Flanagan win another plate for his long and distinguished career.




From 12/29/62 Academy of Achievement award program

You’ll see how proud the doctor is of his Academy of Achievement award in the video I filmed of him with his dear pal and colleague in raising human consciousness, Deepak Chopra.


Press coverage including Patrick Flanagan about the Academy of Achievement Award

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