EMF Protection

Let’s face it, WiFi and cell phone signals are inescapable in our modern environment. Awake and sleeping, we’re immersed in these invisible waves. Unfortunately much as humanity loves the convenience of wireless electronics, their relentless frequency waves cause disruption to our body’s electromagnetic field at the cellular level. And this continuous cellular stress response has proven to have cumulative negative long term health effects.

EMF protection is an evolutionary technology that will become as common as Ben Franklin’s lightning rod. Let’s face it, we’re not giving up our tech! Coolest Meditation Ever is thrilled to present the ACTIVE EMF PROTECTION of Blushield Tesla technology and PASSIVE solutions to improve your baseline health.

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  • iT1 Micro Seraphim Shield

    Micro iTorus-1, 3′ (1M) Zero Point Field PROTECTION PENDANT

  • iTorus2 Aqua SuperLuminal

    iTorus 5 – 24′ (8M) Vortex Coil Scalar Wave Field Generator


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