Sensor V / NF3 Neurophone Combo


Buy the doctor’s brain boosting NF3 Neurophone and abundance field boosting Sensor V, normally a $1400 combo!  Note: The $999 price is already a 32% discount and so the SV/NF3 combo cannot be used with any other coupon.

Your gold platted Sensor V comes with a adjustable hemp necklace.

Your NF3 Neurophone comes with:

  • 1 Pair of Transducers
  • 1 CD Waterfall + 4 Affirmations English & German
  • 1 Owner’s Manual

Note: Runs on a 9 volt battery, not included. A rechargeable battery is a suggested.



4 reviews for Sensor V / NF3 Neurophone Combo

  1. Jan (verified owner)

    auSouth Australia, Australia

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  2. Ken (verified owner)

    auQueensland, Australia

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  3. Ken (verified owner)


    Loved it so much I purchased another combo for my daughter.

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Love the package deal. I wear the necklace daily, but put it on my own chain. The neutrophone is great. I feel it helped me concentrate more when I was working on specific tasks.

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