Michelle & Roy Grimm, SedonaRealEstate.com

For the first time in years I am sleeping like a baby after getting the Portable. Now I have a home unit, too, so everyone in my home benefits.

Michelle Grimm, Arizona

Chief Enthusiasm Officer, ReMax Sedona

We started using the Blushield devices at home and Mum’s 3 day headaches ceased altogether. From months and months of headaches that actually made her throw up, to nothing within a few hours and she’s now been fine for several weeks since.

That is life changing for her and she is someone who has a very high tolerance for pain/discomfort.

Via Fairdinkum Radio, Australia

I started using CoolestTechEver.com‘s house Blushield plug-in unit and immediately noticed that I can work on my computer for a long time without getting tired. Used to have to take a break after a couple of hours. Now I can work online with for as long as I need with ease. I think that having this kind of EMF protection is becoming more critical; especially with the adoption of the new worldwide 5G Network which will totally disrupt our bodies electrical system!

Samuel Kiwasz

Goodwill Ambassador for the LA Conscious Community, SacredPendants.org

It appears that the body is responding to the Blushield allowing the body to ignore more stressful environmental frequencies emitted from electrical devices, including mobile phones.

Dr WJ Rea, Texas

We just launched another shuttle tonight and I went through an evening of stress without “going down the tubes”. (I still have energy and am not tired).

There is still some effect on me from the EMF in these areas but the improvement in the last two days is amazing. The first day I noticed that the leg cramps were mostly gone.

D Watkins, JPL, NASA

I am electro hypersensitive and I have tried other portable devices and also stones but they didn’t work for me. With the Blushield I feel more relaxed and balanced and it improves my ability to concentrate.

What really fascinates me was the reaction of my horse and ponies when I first had the device on me. I put my horse in the meadow and was arranging her hey, but she kept a few meters distance and had this strange, investigating look in her eyes. Normally she starts to eat right away. Then she came towards me and put her nose to my pocket where I had the Blushield. She stood there for a few seconds before she started eating her hey. Then I put my two ponies in the meadow and they usually run away when I let them go, but they kept standing with me and also put their noses to my pocket. So clearly they feel the Blushield and find it pleasant. Horses are flight animals so if they don’t trust something their first instinct is to run away.

I recently also went to a family to measure emf with my Gigahertz HF-meter. The woman I spoke with mentioned that their dog was less hostile to me than to other strangers. So I think that also must have been because I was carrying the Blushield.

The reason I noticed that the battery was flat was actually that I started to forget my Blushield and I even couldn’t find it last Sunday. I normally never forget it, which also is an indication for me that it works. Other devices that I had and stones I forgot to take with me all the time.

H Vercammen, Holland

Cell Tower on Apartment Building

I live in a building with a cell phone tower on the roof, I was unable to sleep because of this. It was like a fatigue was overtaking my entire body. Once I received the Blushield portable and plug in, I immediately implemented them. Now I am feeling much better and am able to sleep in my apartment for the first time in a week. I was able to sleep for more than five hours.

I also notice an instant difference if I step out of range of the portable when I am at work.

It’s like a storm of painful sensation has abated. Many thanks for the great product and all your help.

A Hayward, Saudi Arabia

My work in a professional video production involves me spending long periods surrounded by electrical appliances, computers and industrial VCR’s etc. In addition, my office is right next door to a cell phone transmitter tower. Last year I was becoming increasingly fatigued and was suffering from a loss of concentration while working. A business associate and friend suggested that electrical fields could be a factor and that a device called a “Blushield” may be worth trying. A Blushield was duly installed in my office. Ten minutes later I suddenly realized there had been a profound change in the atmosphere of the room. From a vaguely ‘prickly’ feeling the air conditioned room had somehow become fresher feeling.

M Maunder, New Zealand

Like many folks, my profession requires substantial cell phone and computer use. Subsequently, I’ve been experiencing the negative effects of the current 4G technology for years, i.e. adrenal stress, erratic sleep, even waking in the morning with heart palpitations. Knowing that 5G poses a far greater threat to all of our bodies on a cellular level, I bought a Blushield scalar device. I place it near me when I’m on the phone, in front of the computer, and even by my bedside at night. I have noticed that my overall energy is improved, I’m sleeping more soundly and not waking up with heart palpitations. Thank you Blushield for this amazing breakthrough! Thank you, Ken and Elizabeth for discovering this advanced technology! 

Christina Fior

Transformational Life Coach

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