Falling for Sleep

Moon Over Water Sleeplessness The fine and comprehensive essay below on Sleep is a full diet of thought about how our lifestyles have removed us from the natural cycles of light and dark and healthy habits of connecting with nature that are so important to maintain our health in the wired world.

Falling For Sleep by Rubin Naiman

CTE EDITOR’S NOTE:  Healthy and natural sleep has been a pursuit for us. To that end, we began with completely blacking out all light except the moon and stars from our bedroom. We were shocked at how many little indicator lights glowed in our home. Blocking them helped. Then we put our wireless modem on a timer so it shut off for several hours during the night. We really noticed a difference and continued looking for ways to improve our sleep. The easiest we found was just plugging in a Blushield product. We immediately felt relief from the scalar wave flooding our home with a healthier frequency for our cells, which over time, has reduced chronic inflammation and produced a cascade of wellness: more energy, better sleep, lower stress. Recently we went two layers deeper into improving the health of our home environment. First, we replaced the wireless router and have our devices hooked up to Ethernet cables for internet access. Now the wireless is turned on only when needed. Second, we improved the grounding of our bodies with grounding mats under our desks, and a grounding blanket on our bed. This allows the natural discharge of positive ions building up in the body causing inflammation. It’s taken a lot of changes to get to better health, but our home has become a peaceful sanctuary where we truly feel rejuvenated. Try some changes in your environment–it will really help.


WiFi In Schools–What’s All The Fuss About?

WiFi In Schools–What’s All The Fuss About?

Child Illness Under 18 and Wireless UseageAustralia is on the CUTTING EDGE of understanding the EMF landscape and the precautions necessary to ensure we protect our health as the Internet of Things emerges. Presently, wireless growth has spawned more cell phones than people and new wireless and mobile technologies are continually emerging, expanding the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Exposure to EMR has multiplied in the last decade.

Just 5 years ago, mobile providers didn’t offer unlimited talk and text. A decade ago, few children had access to mobile devices. Now they are a targeted consumer market. Parents Magazine, ignorant of the dangers, even recommends tablet devices for children less than a year old. This video from the Australian organization WiFi In Schools is an excellent and clear explanation of the necessary precautions for protecting children from EMR and why we need them. Now that we know EMR is linked to brain cancer, breast cancer and infertility in adults, it’s time to protect our kids at school. (See Dr. Devra Davis, A Global Expert Speaks for a complete discussion of this evidence.)

We are reaching out to schools across America to implement Blushield from CoolestTechEver.com to help students cope with wifi and cellular dangers. Many schools in Australia use Blushiled and love the results–better moods, lower anxiety, and most importantly, it protects blood cells from damage. Last week, Blushield USA donated several Cube units to a Kansas City school.

Until we get all schools protected, it’s smart to protect your child with a portable unit. We recommend the DISC for kids as it’s our smallest, least noticeable portable protector. The DISC is drop resistant, water resistant and has no on/off switch so kids can’t turn the protector off! It creates an 18′ bubble of protection from all EMR. This video from the Australian organization WiFi In Schools is an excellent and clear explanation of the necessary precautions for protecting children from EMR and why we need them.

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