Tibetan Dolphin Bowl

Hand-made by Nepal artisans, these dolphin bowls hold the spirit of the ancient technology that created them. Whether you desire to meditate, pray, or make music, the dolphin bowl will serve you beautifully and hold it’s value well.

Size approximately 6.5 inches. Tone b.

Brocaded carry case, bowl cushion and mallet included.


Place a half a cup of water in the Dolphin bowl and strike with the mallet to make the distinctive dolphin call. Each Dolphin bowl is commissioned by our makers Serenity Tibet and forged from seven metals by Nepalese artisans. No two bowls are exactly the same so please expect some difference from the photos.

Enjoy the sound of the dolphin bowl as it sings to your inner dolphin.


Enjoy this video featuring bowl master Suren Shrestha from Serenity Tibet, offering you teachings on how to use bowls for healing. Note: Practitioners interested in prices on an entire collection of bowls please email us at help@coolesttechever.com.





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