Micro iTorus-1, 3′ (1M) Zero Point Field PROTECTION PENDANT


Micro iTorus-1, Not to be confused with dad’s standard PEMF, this STATE-OF-THE-ART silent and WEARABLE Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is a 3-foot diameter Tachyon Shield, designed by its creator to block out harmful EMF while producing time-reversal pulsed tachyon vortex bioelectric-magnetic therapy. Includes travel case, cord, neodymium test magnet and medical strap!

  • Smallest PEMF vortex coil in the world
  • Wearable Zero Point Field PROTECTION PENDANT
  • 1.6” diameter torus body
  • up to a 3′ omnidirectional field
  • Sound activated
  • Official iTorus Mobile app for Apple and Android
  • Certificate of Authenticity

From the maker: “Offer this crystal as a gift of deep love and respect for oneself or a loved one. Aqua Aura is very healing by relieving stress and negativity as well as enhancing communication. Helpful in meditation, channeling and psychic protection. Use it for making any kind of healing body layout, grid or use in Feng Shui. It has an angelic feeling of lightness and joy – for a shot of happiness when you feel down or tired. Although treated, it is a combination of natural quartz crystal and pure gold mineral so it retains all of the healing attributes of its quartz base crystal.”


Our cutting-edge VPEMF therapy devices come from decades of development of the Nicola Tesla (Bifilar) Coil to produce pulsing square-waves, then furthered yet for interstellar travel health by NASA to keep astronauts fit in zero gravity, perfected even further yet by Jason Stiles of iPyramids  who has introduced the additional power of genuine orgone ion amplification producing a fully counterbalanced quantum Vortex field to this technology that entrains the body’s bioelectrical field into what is known as anionic quantum coherence that has been proven in independent cases to reverse time in the human DNA that allows it to revert back to its original genetic signature prior to the trauma (see section below on Jason’s journey back to health using Vortex PEMF therapy).

The Micro iTorus 1 Pendant (1.618” diameter) comes in 4 different mineral/quartz options to choose from. Each one is fitted with an auxiliary headphone input so you can plug directly from the included MP8 player running preloaded frequencies, or using your phone or computer by running the same biophotonic audio files to activate our therapeutic vortex shield.

Perfect for self-care at home and also a great practitioner tool. The mineralized iTorus’s are custom made with crushed stone blended in a plant based ecopoxy resin then wrapped in a Vortex Based Mathematical coil. The coil has two channels creating clockwise and counterclockwise magnetic spin. These coils produce a spinning magnetic field measurable out to 4 ft diameter when powered by the smart phone creating a bioactive coherent field, a rejuvenation field, a field effect to enhance life. Use the iTorus like a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy device and charge up the human body for optimal performance and rejuvenation.

  • Seraphim Shield made with rare seraphinite only found in Siberia.
  • Shungite Shields have a full spectrum of light with a blend of crushed stones, crystals, minerals of every color as well as shungite, black tourmaline, magnetite and fulgurite (sedona red rock sand struck by lightning) and all coated in conductive carbon.
  • Violet Flames are Amethyst points, Lepidolite, and Auralite 23.
  • Aqua Superluminals are made with 24k Gold Infused Quartz.
  • Heart Stones are a blend of heart chakra stones and minerals to include malachite, fuschite, aventurine, chrysoprase, green calcite, emerald, chrysocolla, peridot and rose quartz.

Learn more about PEMF - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy. https://youtu.be/LKOli-nNALM


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