iTorus 9 v2 – 9.5″ TACHYON PEMF Vortex PEMF 5.0


This is the latest generation of iTorus 9. This Version 2 has fiber optic LED (light-emitting diode) cables wrapped around the entire torus. The LED is remote-controlled to produce fabulous colors from your iTorus.

+ Certificate of Authenticity. Beautiful iTorus wave field generator infused with minerals, creates a wavefield. The field can be energized when connected to amplifier or phone, transmitting a scalar wave field and creating your own unique, personalized sonic tool kit.

Optimal health today 

Discover the next level of PEMF technology with our cutting-edge Tachyon Shield, unlike anything else on the market. This revolutionary device is not your standard PEMF; it offers real-time 5G protection in a silent and efficient manner, ensuring a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced 5G Protection: Our Tachyon Shield creates a powerful 55 ft diameter (2375 ft sq) protection zone that effectively blocks harmful EMF, safeguarding you from potential health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Time-Reversal Pulsed Tachyon Vortex Bioelectret-Magnetic Therapy: Experience the benefits of our innovative therapy that utilizes time-reversal pulsed tachyon vortex technology, promoting better well-being and revitalizing your body’s natural balance.
  3. Mobile App Sound Activation: Seamlessly control the Tachyon Shield via our user-friendly Apple and Android app. You can easily adjust settings, activate the shield, and target specific areas in your home that require extra protection. (Note: Included mobile Apple / Android app with many therapeutic frequencies 4 weeks FREE Trial included with all registrations.)
  4. Therapeutic Frequencies: The included mobile app comes with an array of therapeutic frequencies, providing you with even more health benefits and options for enhancing your overall wellness.
  5. PEMF Vortex Coil with Fiber Optic Lights: Our cutting-edge design features a PEMF vortex coil with mesmerizing fiber optic lights, adding a touch of elegance to the device while improving its performance.
  6. Whole House Coverage: The Tachyon Shield’s 55′ omnidirectional magnetic toroidal field ensures comprehensive coverage for your entire home, protecting an impressive area of up to 2300 sq. ft.
  7. Compact and Portable: With its 9.5″ diameter, the Tachyon Shield is designed for convenience and can be easily transported in the included Travel Hard Case, allowing you to enjoy its benefits wherever you go.

Please note that our i9 Tachyon Shields are carefully handcrafted to order, and the manufacturing process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the waiting list. Rest assured, the wait will be well worth it when you witness the remarkable benefits of optimal health in your life.

Upgrade to a new level of wellness with our Tachyon Shield and join the countless individuals already enjoying the transformative effects on their health and vitality. Order yours today!


A large and impressive device, this creates a huge zero point field perfect for self-care at home and also a great practitioner tool. The mineralized iTorus’s are custom made with crushed stone blended in a plant based ecopoxy resin then wrapped in a Vortex Based Mathematical coil. The coil has two channels creating clockwise and counterclockwise magnetic spin. These coils produce a spinning magnetic field measurable out to 55 ft diameter when powered by the amplifier and frequency generator creating a bioactive field, a rejuvenation field, a field effect to enhance life. Use the iTorus like a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy device and charge up the human body for optimal performance and rejuvenation.

  • Every 9.5" iTorus is hand-inlaid with positive and negative circuit of hand-spiralled, 24-strand copper wire that is energized by phone or amplifier connection to create a unique, active wave field beneficial for many applications.
  • Every iTorus is custom-crafted with a mineral-infused crystal matrix.
  • Aux Input Directly to Your Phone or Signal Generator, Ability to Plug into Amplifier as well
  • 2 channel amplifier and 1.5″ sphere magnet included


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