iTorus 5 – 24′ (8M) Vortex Coil Scalar Wave Field Generator



Next-level powerful. Next-level effective. The iTorus 5 offers true Pulsed Tachyon BioRejuvenation® with real-time 5G protection you can operate silently 24/7  in your workshop, office or room, costing virtually nothing to block out thousands of dirty EMF signals from your sanctuary around the clock. Move into the next level of clarity of mind and wholeness of body. Go superluminal.

Silent and powerful; the hand-made iTorus 5 offers quantum energy healing in a field powerful enough to cover even a large room or office with real-time EMF protection  producing a 24 ft diameter ionic shield!

iPyramids’ cutting-edge hand-made VPEMF therapy devices come from decades of development of the Nicola Tesla (Bifilar) Coil to produce pulsing square-waves, technology used for interstellar travel health by NASA to keep astronauts fit in zero gravity. Jason Stiles of iPyramids has introduced the additional power of genuine orgone ion amplification producing a fully, counterbalanced quantum Vortex field to this technology that entrains the body’s bioelectrical field into what is known as anionic quantum coherence. This technology is reputed to reverse time in the human DNA that allows it to revert back to its original genetic signature prior to the trauma, Jason developed this technology to heal himself from a crippling injury that ended his military service.

The iTorus 5 (5.5” diameter) comes in 5 different mineral/quartz options to choose from. Each one is fitted with a multi-pin auxiliary input from the 36 watt amplifier included. Simply plug into the amp directly from your audio device player running to activate your therapeutic vortex shield.

*Note: This beautiful healing technology, hand-made in the red rock vortex capital of the world Sedona USA, has a 4-6 week waiting time from the date of your order.


  • Every 5.5 X 5.5 x 3" iTorus is hand-inlaid with positive and negative circuit of hand-spiralled, 24-strand copper wire that is energized by phone or amplifier connection to create a unique, active wave field beneficial for many applications.
  • Every iTorus is custom-crafted with a mineral-infused crystal matrix.
  • Aux Input Directly to your MP3 player, Phone or other Signal Generator + Ability to Plug into Amplifier as well
  • 36 watt amplifier and 1″ sphere magnet included
  • Comes with an impact resistant carry case
  • Official iTorus Mobile app for Apple and Android


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