Ken & Elizabeth, Team

Ken & Elizabeth, Team


Ken Sheetz and Elizabeth England partner and co-produce on The Coolest Meditation Ever conscious media projects. Together they launched to feature the life changing technologies of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Jonathan Goldman, Mark Langford and pioneers bringing the spectrum of healthy wave technologies. is the hub for their friends and fans to find their events, videos and products for enhanced life with meditation, film, yoga, and healthy technology.

How Real Estate and Film Led to Founding

Ken Sheetz enjoyed a 25-year, successful real estate career, was named Chicago’s #1 broker by the Chicago Sun Times in 1987. He built Oprah’s Harpo Studios, Target’s World Headquarters and a skyscraper at One North Franklin. After brokering the largest commercial lease ever done in Chicago for a massive telecom center, Ken was burnt out on the real estate business. In 2003, he pursuee his dream of becoming a filmmaker, studying with Dov Simens, famed film critic Roger Ebert and working with a top line producer in Hollywood, known for Arrested Development and Last Man Standing. Ken has produced over 400 films and counting, including Kids Talk Politics, broadcast on NPR in the run up to the 2008 election debates, Steps, The Neurophone Experience, Discover Me, Desert Silhouettes, The Coolest Meditation Ever: Antartica 12.12.12, The Flanagan Experiments.

Ken’s success in raising funding for his film, Coolest Meditation Ever: Antarctica 12.12.12, led to his formidable expertise in crowding funding, having raised $2 million thus far for his films and crowdfunding clients. His crowdfunding success comes from giving supporters great perks by teaming up with visionaries of spirit art and science like Patrick Flanagan, Jonathan Goldman, James Wanless, Liz Alpert and Joan Hangarter. For Ken–providing cool tools for expanding personal consciousness from visionary scientists–led to a new business. In 2018,  Ken and his partner Elizabeth launched as an spinoff of their very popular website. In 2019, Ken and Elizabeth brought all their projects and community together into one portal,

Elizabeth England is a Sivananda trained Hatha yoga instructor in Sedona, AZ. A musical artist, her Bhakti yoga practice encompasses the ancient practice of kirtan, a form of japa meditation or chanting mantra, with Natesh Kirtan and Sanjali, as vocalist and percussion with bells, shakers and chimes, at home, tour and festival events. Her 17-year distinguished career in the military and twenty years of corporate business share the common trait of getting things done and done right. In 2010, she turned her career focus to digital marketing serving the yoga community where she’s supported the gifts of pioneers in health and fitness technologies. This led her to the beautiful partnership and co-producing with Ken on The Coolest Meditation Ever conscious media projects. Together they launched and, the home for all their service projects.


Elizabeth was gifted a subscription to Nexus magazine by the amazing Carole Dean, founder of From the Heart and Roy W. Dean Grant. Blushield EMF protection devices caught her eye. We ordered one for home and were amazed when we felt the atmosphere in our home feel calmer as soon as we plugged it in. In the following weeks, we felt more relaxed and happy, and even began mild detox. Not long after, we received a message from Blushield thanking us for the order and congratulating us on our work with Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Blushield’s Brandon Amalani asked us if we’d like to share the product with our tribe of friends, family and associates. Of course we said YES!  Now we have three portables and two home units so we can share them with friends to try out.  Bringing this beneficial technology to as many people as possible will create a healthier and happier world.

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