How Making A Meditation Film Birthed A Business Funds Polar Meditations

Arizona-based is the brainchild of filmmakers and tech geeks Ken Sheetz and Elizabeth England. Formed in Sedona in 2018, their website has become the focal point for their fans and grown an international reputation as a hub for superb health and wellness technology that–when described–makes people say “Cool!”

Ken and Elizabeth’s unusual approach to crowdfunding their film projects created a springboard to the business. In Ken’s film projects with genius Dr. Patrick Flanagan, he discovered the Neurophone and other amazing and life-changing vibrational and nutritional technologies. By offering these as sensational perks on his film’s crowd funder—like Patrick Flanagan’s Sensor V Medallion and Jonathan Goldman’s fabulous tuning forks—fans began to discover health and wellness tools and tech, too. The miracle of this? A donation was a gateway to better health for the donor!  Excited by this idea of spreading good health and compassion, Elizabeth–a health coach for decades—built a website to share these and more products she knows and loves for their ability to up-level baseline health. What began as an idea for health-boosting crowdfunding perks has organically grown into—their curated ‘cool’ tech products for enhancing health.

Ken Sheetz and Elizabeth England met in 2010 and immediately discovered an unusual connection–their sudden experience of expanded conscious awareness led them both out of ‘the matrix’ into planetary meditation as a practice and a mission. In 2015, they united their lives and missions to engage film audiences as a collective consciousness in quantum meditation for planetary healing. Together they co-produced the documentary The Coolest Meditation Ever: Antarctica 12.12.12, 24 Quantum Intentions for a Cooler Today, an entirely crowdfunded film project through IndieGogo, receiving massive fan loyalty for the vision to meditate in Antarctica on 12.12.12. It’s FREE to watch here below. Prominent backers were Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Jonathan Goldman, James Wanless, and Ed Asner. Their successful film funding campaign, ‘Do Penguins Meditate,’ on IndieGoGo is an evolution of independent film funding and marketing with direct support of an active fanbase to filmmakers creating conscious content.

Ken Sheetz walked away from a successful career in Chicago real estate, building a skyscraper and Oprah’s first studio Harpo Studios, to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Two decades in ‘Hollywoodland’ have produced over 400 films—a serious track record for a funny guy.

Elizabeth England co-produces and co-hosts the Coolest Meditation Ever film projects. With 30 years in corporate and military experience, she advocates meditation for its positive effects on planetary coherence. A water keeper, her Ocean Nation social media project educates on water issues, ocean health and the vitality and memory of water.

Projects in Production:  Ken and Elizabeth’s current film project is Coolest Meditation Ever: Arctic 2022. FREE BELOW Watch The Coolest Meditation Ever: Antarctica 12.12.12 or download here: Support Cool Content.

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