Chernobyl 2019 HBO MiniseriesBy Ken Sheetz and Elizabeth England

Like many viewers, we at CTE are transfixed by the real-life horror story of the new HBO mini-series CHERNOBYL. As a website on a mission to help our customers protect themselves from EMF radiation with products we are curating for you, like the  iTorus, Blushield and Patrick Flanagan’s Sensor V, our horror with the HBO hit is too close to home for comfort.

In the show’s first episode we were struck by the tragedy of the unsuspecting first responder firemen working to put out a super radioactive nuclear blast with ordinary fire hoses. All died horribly in a matter of days. Today, many fire stations are turning away telecoms looking to mount cellular antenna arrays at their stations. This common practice for increasing municipal income with leasing the roof space is now being challenged as some firefighters have, in an erie Chernobyl-ln-slow-motion-like echo, experienced the negative health effects of these towers. Sadly, many churches and schools are generating revenue by allowing cell towers, some concealed in the bell towers, based only on the assurances “It’s perfectly safe” by the cell companies–a clear case of the fox guarding the hen house.

The EMF radiation all of us to one degree or another are experiencing today from the rollout of ‘smart’ meters, 5G, wifi, cell phone microwave radiation and smart gadgets are not anywhere nearly as lethal as the nuclear radiation we see in CHERNOBYL. However, the parallels are strong to our current plight. In the series we learn the Geiger counters were not adequate to measure the high levels of radiation from the blast. Currently, there’s been little unbiased testing of the danger that EMF radiation has on health, and the telecomm industry has actively confused the issue with biased ‘research.’ Over the protests of mothers in particular, we are being reassured EMF radiation is safe based on a dangerously outmoded system of standards that measure only the heating of tissue caused by EMF exposure. It’s important for you to know that environmental health experts worldwide have found clear evidence that it’s the DNA and the very cells of our bodies that are effected, whether heated or not by EMF radiation. Humans are not micro-wave safe!

Workers at the Chernobyl plant were sent to their doom by a bad manager. Why did the Chernobyl staff go against their better judgement to check on the exploded core? Trust in authority, fear of being the dissenting voice, and most importantly, the fact RADIATION IS INVISIBLE BUT NOT HARMLESS were, in combination, lethal.  Deaths like those of Chernobyl and the surrounding towns have happened before in America with innocent and unsuspecting soldiers dying during the testing of nuclear weapons.

Over trusting authority isn’t a new story. It happened when smokers relied on the false assurance that smoking tobacco was healthy–the industry had so much influence that smokers were even presented with advertising from medical professionals that they had nothing to fear. We are a trusting species that is still learning to question what information we are being fed when source has vested interests that leave health concerns obscured.

Tragically, like asbestos and tobacco’s carcinogenic effects, the damage caused by EMF radiation happens so slowly that we lovers of tech are practicing an “out of sight, out of mind” game with our health and well-being. We at believe it is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to EMF radiation and acknowledge that what you can’t see can hurt you. Common symptoms of EMF health effects include agitation, insomnia, low energy, foggy brain, anxiety, chronic cellular inflammation and more. So just taking some basic steps to protect the body reaps great benefits: better baseline health–something we all need to meet the challenges of every day life! For more info on the health effects, visit Here’s a basic list of things you can do to protect yourself and your family, now. Learn more about Blushield EMF protection here.

One final thought. It’s believed by some historians and archeologists that the Roman Empire fell because of the extensive use of lead in the plumbing and food utensils. Lead poisoning, we know today, poisoning leads to death and madness.

Let’s not let EMF radiation lead to downfall of our modern civilization. Take precautions like having all smart meters removed and hard wiring your computers to eliminate wifi, use Blushield from CTE and make you voice heard in local and national politics. And remember where our health is concerned blind obedience can be deadly.


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