As we Americans strive, each in our own tender ways, to heal from the tragedy and trauma of this past horrific week when White Nationalists committed acts of domestic terrorism in El Paso and Dayton, Elizabeth and I felt the world needed something better to watch than our DC politicians, left and right, perhaps losing their minds in one of the first cities in America to get 5G.  Enjoy.

After the jump we’ll give you free tips on protecting your mind, body and soul in the intense as it gets 2020 race, ending in a proud plug for our EMF products from the Tesla wave geniuses at Blushield.

1. Rotate your social media pass codes twice a month and use 2-step identification. If that’s a pain to do on too many platforms, well, you’re right. Start canceling memberships. Gone are the days, except for pros, when you should be on multiple social media platforms. Pick one or two you like and give the others the old heave ho. While you are at it go cold turkey on quitting online video games filled with images to desensitize you to violence. Do this and you’ll get a huge mental health boost once the addiction cravings wear off.
 2. Do not click under any circumstance links from people messaging you on FB unless you know them personally. And even then be careful. Write them back and ask for more explanation.  You friend may have been hacked and his animated zombie corpse sending out spam as them. The last thing you want is some underpaid troll stealing your identity or data.
 3. Report anything to your social media provider you suspect might be a trolling or bot saturation AND appearing on your page or feed, be it from people or via ads. Here’s the link to the best ad blockers out there. Pick one and you’ll cut down your odds of being hacked.
4. The USA is a multi-racial nation and that fact makes us strong. See our new film CELEBRATE DIVERSITY about how strong our society’s varieties variety make us. It is important now, more than ever to reach out to your friends of color and reassure them that we, the vast majority of white Americans, have not lost our minds.
5. Wake up to the sad fact that we are mind control attack by geniuses, both left and right. Seeing THE GREAT HACK on Netflix is useful to wise up to the sad fact that this attack on our social media is like nothing else our society has ever been exposed to. Consider hosting a party to show the film with friends and family.
6. Unfollow friends who have become overly polarized in either direction, right or left. Fear and anger is how a mind is hacked. And if they get more polarized as the left and right media whips them into a frenzy, all for ratings end of the day, unfriend or block people seeking to bait you into anger and/or place you in fear. You can always welcome them back post 2020.
7. Stay centered. Meditation and yoga are powerful tool to fight mind control. A healthy diet is also more important than ever. If you are in a state where Cannabis is permitted it has wonderful properties for cleansing your energy field of the heavy attack our psyches are under in this no holds barred slug fest for our votes.
8. Avoid the Youtube channel RT, formerly Russian Television. It’s a great lure as most of the time the journalism is actually quite good. But the purpose of this good journalism is not goo because once your mind accepts their journalism is good you are vulnerable to the long brainwash. 
9. Vet anything you post lest you become a useful idiot to people that don’t give a damn about anyone on social media except as a their volunteer troll. Viral never sounded so vial.
10. If you know who you want to vote for already it’s not likely you will change horses so feel free to tune out the 2020 chatter until November 3, 2020 fifteen months from now.
And now for that plug for our EMF protection products I promised above.
Be advised this is pure speculation ,with an inherent bias on my part, but it amazing that at this scary time of mind manipulation going on that there is a line of tech that we offer here called Blushield. It is scientifically proven in blood test research to help the human body tune out radiation from EMF caused by computers, smart meters, electrical power lines, wifi, cell phones, and even 5G to reduce inflammation.
Now, pair what scientist Patrick Flanagan says in a Rense interview, namely that he believes ALL of our society is under mind control from Lilly waves broadcast over the electrical power lines and we can theorize that the line Blushield EMF protection devices offered at that work on the principal of generating Tesla waves in a fibonacci sequences of natural frequencies the body prefers over EMF waves might very well be helpful at least in tuning out mind control frequencies
Again, I have scientific zero evidence to back this theory up. But from personal use of our Blushield Cube and Portables for over a year I feel has greatly helped me detox from a lifetime of mind control. Again, we cannot guarantee this in any way. So proceed with your own gut reaction if you decide to buy. And please write me if you feel it helped you feel less messed with my the powers that be at help@coolestest
Last, to any Boris Badenov’s reading this post on a troll farm.
Dear Boris,
I apologize on behalf of my nation for the cyber attacks and worse that our CIA have inflicted on you and your country for decades. We Americans and Brits started this mess with our own meddling in your former USSR’s internal affairs. So we have no one to blame about the new low grade cold war but ourselves.
However, please do not take my goodwill and that of other Americans for weakness. The work you are doing in brainwashing Americans is wrong. Karma is a bitch. So a word to the wise: KNOCK IT OFF!
Ken Sheetz

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