Our last blog dealt with the symptoms of EMF toxicity. Topping that list as a nasty side effect of our increasingly EMF contaminated environment is insomnia. When our day is over and we seek sleep, essential for a healthy life, many of us find we cannot wind down. One reason might be, unless you are sleeping in a Faraday cage, agitation from EMF bombardment.

Michelle & Roy Grimm, SedonaRealEstate.com

So it’s heartening for us at CTE that a common theme in our first wave of testimonials is that these devices are helping our customers sleep better.  This really hit home for us yesterday after we met with a friend and one of Sedona’s conscious leaders, Michelle Grimm. She raved how much better her sleep is with her new Portable and purchased a home unit so she and her loved ones, pets included, could share relief from the agitation and inflammation EMF causes.

Learn more about Blusheild might help you sleep better on our EMF Protection Shop page.

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