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10 Years ago, at the end of Mayan calendar, conscious filmmaker Ken Sheetz traveled all the way south to Antarctica to film performing 24 quantum intentional meditations, one for each time zone. Raising the funds for this ambitious film project that dares to dream of the possibility of ET guidance for the meditations for humanity, Ken was blessed to meet New Age scientist PhiSciences’ Dr. Patrick Flanagan, featured in LIFE MAGAZINE at a young age, as the main backer of the film. And THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 was born.


Through the Antarctica meditations connection, Ken offered the doctor’s inventions as IndieGogo crowdfunding perks to fund the completion of the 1-hour plus documentary. The success of the crowd funder led Ken and his wife Elizabeth, whose spirit-guided love story is told in the film, to form Other greats of spirit science like Jonathan Goldman of Healing Sounds, Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music, Peter Goodgold’s Water Guru, Jason Stiles iPyramids, and Blushield’s Natalie and Brandon Amalani, soon joined the doctor in offering their products via the Antarctic spinoff website,


Use this link to see the film free for a limited time to see all 24 meditations, one dedicated to each time zone of the world, FREE.



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