This story is heartbreaking. Especially for Mom’s and Dad’s and grandparents.

Please read the Dr. Mercola article about this video here for the deeper dive into the dangers of government’s low bar standards for EMF dangers that are putting our kids at grave risk in their formative years.


Fortunately, there is a tool you can use to help reduce your child’s exposure to harmful radiation. Radiation you were not subjected to as a kid yourself. We hope one day there might be even better solutions to come for companies like Blushield, but for now this is the best EMF protection we are proud bring you.

FYI: We recommend the Pulgin model or the even stronger Cube base units for your home and office plus one of our Portables for protection away from home on the school.

Note: All of our Blushield products come with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee with a 20% restocking fee.


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