Thoughts on the film “Plandemic”

Have you seen the Mikki Willis film “Plandemic”?  Like any good conspiracy theory there is some grain of truth in the film, although biased to a viewpoint. The credibility of the expert? Questionnable. And the motivation of the filmmaker we’ve enjoyed in the past? A fearful view of the present health news.

The film uses a classic tool of media to influence minds: take some truth and build opinion or conspiracy onto it to cause confusion about what’s fact and fiction. We’re presented with terrifying and fearful conclusions. And this film has divided me from good friends who are now talking to me about ‘herd’ immunity, the danger of wearing a mask, arresting Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, claiming we’re being shown actors in the hospitals and a fake death toll in the main stream news — some even saying no one is dying–it’s all a lie to enslave us through mandatory microchipping vaccines and none of it is really to protect anyone’s health. Wow.

Here’s my bottom line: There’s something out there killing people. Is it just a new kind of flu like the Spanish flu? Is it an accidentally released experiment? Is it a bioweapon released by proponents of population control or eugenics? My own niece is on week 6 of fever and quarantine with 2 negative Covid tests. When I hear ‘herd’ immunity it brings up the term ‘culling the herd’ in my mind as I see that it is the poor, vulnerable, sick, elderly, PEOPLE that get ‘culled.’ In compassion for those who are fearful for their lives, I will wear a mask when I do my errands and practice social distancing on the streets and trails until we have seen a second wave as a result of the relaxation of guidelines. I feel that until the 2nd wave, I won’t really know how bad it can be. My own grandfather died in the Spanish flu epidemic which came in 3 waves beginning in March 1918, 2nd and the worst wave fall 1918, and again winter/spring 1919, subsiding in the summer of 1919. Estimates are 1/3 of the world caught it 50 million died.

Rather than all this posturing about what’s true let’s put the arguing aside and seek love. My prayer is that we all practice compassion for ourselves and others and remember we have a historical precedence to guide us on how bad this could be. We’ll know a lot more about how bad it is by Thanksgiving. Masks may not be perfect but they do reduce the amount of poison that will make it into the respiratory system, and less poison in the body means a better chance the immune system will be able to beat it and build anitbodies. Washing hands may not be perfect but it means less poison for the immune system to fight. As my mentor wisely asked me when I became unbalanced by fear or anger, I ask you, “Do you want to be right or practice love?” I pray we rise to love and compassion for ourselves and others.


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